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Welcome to Our Website

Panafricalogistics deals mainly with inland long haulage of sea freight containers from the port of Mombasa to inland destinations. It is a service provider to leading shipping lines and agencies.


Panafricalogistics provides Air freight, a great service in no time.


Immense amount of experience in Ocean Freight Logistics


Panafricalogistics provide road transport services to any


Panafricalogistics flexibility means that we drive effortlessly

Transport at Panafricalogistics


Long Distance

From mechanical and engineering components to automobile components to electronic equipment to printed material

Inland Transportation

PanafricalogisticsĀ offers a comprehensive ocean freight program reaching major global markets

Freight Forwarding

we specialise in air and ocean transport, groupage, warehousing and a lot more

Rail Transport

Panafricalogistics provides inward and outward rail transport services

Benefits at Panafricalogistics


Extra care

At Panafricalogistics we are concerned about its clientele's cargo

Commendable Work Values

Panafricalogistics stands on the domain of providing commendable

Constant Growth

Panafricalogistics believes in going hand in hand with technology